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For the first podcast episode that my group produced, I decided to be the main producer and chose the topic of the Betches. Both members of my group had never heard of this new media brand before I introduced the topic of discussion, which is exactly why I wanted to make this the subject of our podcast. The main appeal of the Betches is that it is targeted to young millennial females in all aspects of the brand, which truly embodies the narrowcasting idea of new media that Creber and Martin discuss in their article “Digital Media.” I have been a consumer of this content since 2012, when the website was called “Betches Love This” and other aspects of the brand had no existed. I know about the core market that the Betches narrowcast to because I am one of them. Therefore, we decided that I would be, as the producer and expert, the main voice of the episode.

Elle Woods gif found in the Betches article: http://www.betches.com/biggest-congressional-fuckboys

My goal of the podcast episode was to focus on various topics that the Betches do very well and how the brand is worthy of the title ‘new media.’ I also wanted to not only focus on the narrowcasting, but also the spreadability aspect of the Betches because previous episodes, like Soul Pancake and Reddit, have focused on the spreadable nature of new media. I focused on the sticky aspect of the content posted by the Betches because it is desired to be spread. The political content that the Betches post I think it the best representative of the new media tools the Betches employ because they discuss relevant content through narrowcasting with the specific frame and language to make the political news digestible for their audience. Through using words like “fuckboys” to describe political figures who put the needs of the NRA over those of the people they represent and employing gifs of Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods shouting “Liar,” the audience is engaged in the material and now can speak about different trending political news intelligently. Evaluating the different new media aspects of the Betches brand has helped me think more critically about content that I consume everyday as well as think more critically about what it means to be considered a new media brand or a brand in general. I particularly enjoyed this assignment because it has given me the opportunity to evaluate my consumption of media and how I, being a consumer of the Betches, have a particular expertise on new media.

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