My Music Mix Album Cover

For my music mix, I wanted to create an empowering playlist for exercising to encourage myself and other women to continue working out and getting stronger and healthier. I included songs from various artists that had messages of loving yourself and your body like “Confident” by Demi Lovato, as well as messages of female empowerment like “Run the World (Girls)” by Beyoncé. I incorporated songs by artists multiple times, like Beyoncé, because I think it adds to the general listening experience if the artist has multiple songs that are encouraging and empowering, not detracting from it because one is listening to the same voice. Instead, I think it adds to the experience for the listener to listen to the various songs and messages by the same artist. I allowed myself to break this rule, yet I kept the strict rule of songs sung by women because I think to have an empowering work out playlist for females, the songs must be by women.


Listen to my mix here:

The source of the image for my album cover:

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