For this data visualization project, I asked myself the question during the upcoming midterm season: how productive am I in the library? I think my productivity is largely based on the people I am studying with and my location in the library. I find that I am a more productive studier and better learner in a quieter environment, like the Matheson Reading Room. When I am studying with friends or completing a group project, I tend to stay on the chatty floors of the library; yet, if I continue studying there I never quite feel as productive. On days I stayed on the first floor, I was more likely to report that I don’t know a chapter as well or don’t feel as confident in the material because I oftentimes ended up derailing the studying and chatting with my friends. However, for this data visualization I did not account for the location or the people, I mainly focused on the chapters and concepts that I learned for my tests as well as my hours spent doing so. I think this was easier for me to track and represent visually; yet, I do not think it will accurately show my overall productivity. However, I did account for the qualitative data of my feelings of productivity overall by stating about each day on whether or not I felt productive. From September 18th to October 1st I had a 9 to 3 ratio on productive versus unproductive.

Another part of my data visualization that I found difficult to represent was my overall knowledge. When I was studying for my midterm test, I would complete practice tests, yet my scores on these tests only represented my knowledge at the time I took them. I then would go back and review the questions I got wrong and then learn more. Moreover, in my opinion my score on my midterm test did not accurately represent my overall knowledge of the material. I did not do as well as I thought I would have for the hours I spent studying in the library, which could either show that I did not properly study all the material, did not know the material, did not read the question thoroughly, or just made mistakes. I felt that overall I was a productive studier in this midterm season and while this one test did not show that grade-wise, I now know what I have to improve upon, mainly my location in the library and my chattiness with my friends while studying. At the same time, I still put in a lot of time and effort into my studies, which is definitely something I will continue and definitely something that contributes to my overall productivity.

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