Legally Blonde Movie Montage

For this assignment, I wanted to create a movie montage of one of my favorite films, Legally Blonde. I cannot recall the amount of times that I have seen the movie, so I wanted to be able to analyze it in a different lens instead of watching the movie for pure entertainment and enjoyment. When I traditionally think of Legally Blonde I picture pink and a lot of it. While pink is one of the defining colors of this movie montage, generally the screenshots that I took every 100 frames have a dark background. This observation was particularly surprising to me because the movie does not seem to be dark at all, and instead has a very lighthearted, yet empowering message. When I was watching the movie, I took note of the contrast of colors of the beginning of the movie to the majority of it because of the difference in location of California and Massachusetts. When Elle was becoming more serious about her studies, she was inside and the colors were darker. Yet, when Elle was having fun shopping or getting her nails done, the colors were brighter with blues and greens. While this was an interesting observation that I made, I do not think that this form of visualization of the movie has been particularly helpful in my experience analyzing the film. Instead, I have found actually paying more attention to Elle’s female empowerment in a privileged context is a more worthwhile experience. I think the darkness of this movie montage, and the pops of color of pink do not teach others about the intricacies of the feminist message of the movie. Moreover, I found this experience to be extremely frustrating with getting the automatic screenshots. Eventually, I was able to work out the technology, but I think it ultimately negatively impacted my experience in analyzing the film this way because I find it to be more troublesome then helpful. In the future, I rather watch a film and discuss it and even rewatch a film and discuss it further than create a movie montage.

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