For this sketch assignment, I decided to create a cinemagraph of a tennis ball bouncing because I wanted to highlight the actual bounce of a ball. I wanted to show this bounce because whenever I play tennis, I have to bounce the ball right before I serve. This one motion of the ball bouncing is the only thing that is moving while I am about to complete the action of serving; therefore, I thought it would make a nice cinemagraph.

This assignment was difficult for me because I had to figure out how to use Photoshop with videos. Previously for this class we have used Photoshop for pictures, but videos in my opinion are more difficult to edit. That being said, I used a lot of the various media resources at Emory, and they have all been extremely helpful. Now, I have a new skill of using Photoshop and also a more in depth familiarity with Emory’s resources.

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